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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few examples of questions we frequently receive:

Q: Will this system make me change our entire office workflow?
A: For a short answer, No, the Dawkins EMR 2.0 is made to work within existing workflows and accommodate any practice or facility type.

Q: Will we need a technical support team to keep the system up and running?
A: Dawkins offers training and ongoing technical support for all of their clients. 

Q: Is the upfront cost a large amount? Do I need to have my own server?
A: The cost for the Dawkins EMR is very reasonable and there is no huge upfront fee.  You are not required to purchase hardware.

Q: Do you offer e-prescribing? 
A: Yes we are currently in process of getting our Surescripts certification.

If you have further questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer any concerns or questions.