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Dawkins EMR 2.0

Dawkins EMR 2.0 system is a state-of-the-art program, written with MySQL and Microsoft Silverlight technologies.  We offer "self-service", browser based access, secure, electronic medical records system which will save your physician time, increase revenues, and improve quality of patient care.

  • Our system can be accessed from desktop PC, notebook/laptop, or handheld devices.
  • One click allows retrieval of vital patient data.
  • Data is entered into forms which can be viewed as is or in PDF, or HTML format.
  • Forms can be customized to your specifications.  Each individual practice and/or physician within the practice can have their own forms or preferences.
  • Information can be managed and used to improve quality of patient care at point of care.
  • Other data from various HL7 compliant systems can be directly input and attached to patient record.
  • Physicians or care-givers can input data directly or choose to dictate in the traditional manner.
  • Compliance with CMS and HIPAA regulations and guidelines.
  • Custom reports can be generated on patient data and information.
  • Currently working on collaboration with Google PHR (Personal Health Records) for patient direct access to their own health information.